Cottage Rules


Our cottage rules are for all Pinewood guests and include everyone in your
party. Just as you appreciated the clean and well maintained state in which you
found the cottage, we kindly ask that you leave the cottage just as clean and
tidy for the next guest.

Terms and Conditions for Cottage Rental

  • No pets unless approved by management


  • CHECK IN TIME: 3:00 pm – CHECK OUT TIME: 11:00 am
  • Early check in or late check out can be arranged for an additional fee
    when available.
  • Reservations are only guaranteed and held for you when paid in full.
  • One warning for any garbage thrown about and uncleanliness on property
    is not tolerated and you will be asked to leave and no refund is given.
  • Loud Arguments with each other or owner is NOT tolerated and you will be
    asked to leave with no refund.


  • If you need to cancel your reservation you will be fully refunded less a flat
    fee of $150.00 for administration if 28 days advance notice is given.
    Deposits received will be refunded ONLY if the accommodations are subsequently
    rented.  There is no refund if you cancel less then 28 days from the day of
    your arrival.


  • Boats on trailers can also be parked on the property for the duration of your
    stay for a flat fee of $20.00
  • Additionally there are local places within a few minutes away which offer
    canoe, boat and motor rentals etc. with various sizes depending on your needs.

Here are links to their price lists for your convenience.

Visitors and Overnight Guests

  • The cottage and its facilities are available for the enjoyment and pleasure
    of our registered guests. Cottages are for guest that have paid before arrival,
    Any more than this will be asked to leave unless previously arranged with
    owners, we do not overload cottages. We insist that overnight and day guests be
    registered in advance.


  • Electrical power may be interrupted in the event of for instance a storm,
    keep in mind should this happen its out of our control and it may stay off a
    little longer than it would in the city. We suggest you bring a few flashlights
    for emergencies. Also, if the power does go out, remember that the water system
    operates on an electric pump.  Please do not run water if the power is out.
    We are not responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused by power failure.

Cleanliness, Recycling & Waste Disposal

  • Please leave the cottage in the clean and tidy condition in which you found
    it.  Each cottage has a broom, dustpan and dish soap.
  • Pinewood recycles what we can and recycling bins are provided.  Please put any paper or
    cardboard in the recycle bin labeled (paper/cardboard).  Pop/beer cans,
    glass/plastic bottles, plastic containers, pie plates, foil, styrofoam and
    plastic bags should be put into the recycle bin labeled (cans/glass/plastic)
  • Never leave garbage outside the cottage.  Raccoons, bears, skunks… love garbage. Unless you wish to be visited by these friendly and hungry animals, please follow the garbage disposal instructions.
  • Garbage must be placed in the bin at the main entrance.
  • It is very important that all guests practice environmentally friendly procedures on the property and recycle
    when possible.
  • There is no smoking inside any of our cottages.  Ashtrays are provided outdoors so please keep all butts in ashtrays.
  • Your deposit will not be refunded if evidence that guests were smoking inside your cottage.
  • If any excessive cleaning is required after your departure it will be deducted from your deposit.
  • ANY garbage thrown about and total uncleanliness any where on property is not tolerated and you will be asked to leave and no refund is given, there will be 1 warning.

Washrooms & Septic System

  • Like most cottages our cottages operates on a septic system.  Please do
    not put anything but natural waste and toilet paper in the toilets.  There
    are trash cans provided in the washrooms for paper towels, kleenex, tampons,
    pads, hair etc.  If any of this got into our septic system it would back it
    up and you don’t want that to happen, trust me.


  • Each cottage has a full size propane barbeque, tank provided, squirt bottle
    and a cleaning brush.  Let us know if your tank needs to be refilled.
    Please do not burn any wood or anything else in the barbecue and kindly brush it
    down after each use.

Community and Cottage Notes

  • Please respect that you are apart of a cottage community.
  • Observe safe and courteous boating, water and community guidelines.
  • No loud noise after 11:00 pm please, and no screaming anytime…
  • Insects and wildlife are apart of cottage country.  Please discourage them by keeping doors and screens
    closed.  Don’t be surprised if there is a raccoon enjoying your cottage if you leave the door open.
  • Please remember to take all of your personal items with you when you check out.  If you leave something we will hold it for 2 weeks
    while you arrange to pick it up, we are not responsible for shipping forgotten items back to you.
  • In case of emergency call 911.
  • The closest hospital is in Lindsay which is 30-35 minutes south of us or small hospital in Minden, north
    Hwy 35 about 50 min but faster service.